Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Snowflake Story :)

One really cool thing about being a part of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, is that this is the agency that actually pioneered embryo adoption. :) I'm really thankful that we decided to go with them last summer, because it allowed us to switch to embryo adoption really easily when not all agencies provide this service. Anyway, I came across the video below about two families who went through the Snowflake program at Nightlight. I really think it shows how embryo adoption allows two families to help one another in their respective predicaments. It is a beautiful blessing to both the donating family and the adopting family, and I am so excited to be a part of it! :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Moving Right Along

It was actually kind of nice to walk into Dr. Q's office on Wednesday and see those familiar faces. :) I am happy that this next phase, though approached from a different angle, is something that I'm used to and comfortable with. I know the process physically and emotionally, and I trust the people that we're working with. They seemed happy to see me as well. :) Dr. Q got on board with what we wanted, and he signed the form I needed him to. All the agency paperwork to switch our profile over has been taken care of, and we have an initial meeting scheduled with our wonderful social worker next Friday. Once that's done, we will officially be waiting for a match. :) Week and a half turn around? Yeah baby, that's what I like to see! ;)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Embryo Adoption Here We Come!

In case you didn't see on our facebook page, we received word yesterday that the birthmom ended up choosing a different couple. Although we would have been thrilled to be matched again, especially with twins, we knew that the risk for this situation was high and we were slightly relieved that the door on that opportunity was closed so gracefully. We have been seriously considering a different form of adoption, and the sense of relief we felt at the end of this possibility really gave us confidence to move forward with our other option - Embryo Adoption. :) Below is a video blog with the whole scoop. :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Ok, I finally have an adoption update! woohoo! :) Our social worker contacted us regarding a special out of state situation. Our agency has another office in Kentucky, and there is a birthmom there that we might be a good fit for. She is due at the end of July with TWINS - a boy and a girl! We were soooo excited to hear that we could possibly be matched with two babies at the same time, what a blessing that would be!

Unfortunately, there is also a down side. In California, when a birthmom signs away her rights, it's pretty much a done deal within 24 hours. In Kentucky, the law gives both birthparents 110 days to change their minds about the adoption. So it is possible that we get matched, bring the babies home, and have to give them back after a few months. 
Although this is a huge risk, we gave the ok for our profile to be shown to this birthmom. We are one of two couples being considered by her right now. Our profile was shown to her this past Wednesday, and we are hoping to hear back from the agency tomorrow (Monday). Our prayer right now is that, if this birthmom is going to change her mind once the babies are born, that the Lord would just not even allow us to get chosen. We're asking that the Lord to spare us from the possible heartache. We are excited and yet nervous at the same time. Please pray for peace, wisdom, and trust in the Lord as we wait for Him to lead us forward, or close this door for us. Thank you all!