Friday, September 26, 2014

5 months old

I'm a little behind on posting Elias' 5 month update. We have been on vacation and I had the best of intentions to get this posted while we were away but it just didn't happen. Side note, traveling with our baby boy went wonderfully, and I will do a post on all of my learnings in the coming weeks. :) Ok, on to Elias - that 15 pound bundle of cuteness! :)

So much development happening these days! The biggest physical accomplishment this month has definitely been movement. Shortly after passing the 4 month mark, I started getting more intentional about giving him time on his tummy. He could only do a few minutes at a time before he got frustrated. A few weeks later, he is not only spending lots of time on his tummy, but he's gotten so good at rolling over, and has actually started to move himself in specific directions as he wants. It's so fun to watch! He's using hands a lot more now too. He reaches out for toys, touches our faces, holds his hands out to look at them, and seems to enjoy grasping at different textures. 

From a character standpoint...well he's just a cute little goober. ;) The most recent thing is fake laughing. He kinda smiles and chuckles to himself or at us, just to hear himself. It's so funny. lol. Oh, and on the flip side, he started to let us know when we're making him upset. He's a super happy and easy going baby, but we have seen a few moments of a temper this month.  He is also starting to establish preferences. Like he has a couple favorite toys now, he likes to fall asleep on his side, he occasionally has a hard time with unfamiliar faces. 

Those are the main things! Here are a few highlight pictures of month 5. :)

Trying to get used to spending time on his tummy. He's not too excited about it. lol
Elias thinks that the little boy in the mirror is so cool. ;)
Snuggles with Daddy!
Already more comfortable on the floor after just a week or two consistent tummy time.
We're kinda crazy about each other. ;)
Sticking close to mom during a rough day of teething. 
This is the first time I realized that Elias is officially mobile and I can't just leave him unsupervised. lol. He had rolled to the other side of his playmat, reached under the bed and pulled out the electrical cords out to play with. ::hands over face::
Rolled to the other side of his crib to play with his stuffed animals. This was a much more enjoyable scene to walk in on than the one above. lol. There are definitely positive aspects to his mobility. :)
We're enjoying every single minute with our goober boy!