Saturday, August 29, 2015

Nolan - 1 month

Well I touched on the first couple weeks of Nolan's life last post on recovery. But I did want to make sure to do an official one month post before we hit the two month mark. :) Nolan is so different than Elias was at the newborn stage. We love him to pieces, but I gotta say, he's been kind of a fussy kid. lol. He is very clingy and insecure/spastic if not being held or swaddled. He is obviously uncomfortable after eating. We tried gas drops and gripe water but neither seemed to make a significant difference in his comfort. We've since learned that he has acid reflux and he became a much happier baby once he started taking medication for it. But it was definitely frustrating that he was so upset and we couldn't do anything to make him feel better. 

He is such a big boy! I mean seriously, it's no wonder my belly got so huge. ;) He went straight into 3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. He eats a ton, which is awesome because that full belly has allowed him to sleep for longer stretches at night. So I'm getting decent sleep, usually only waking up once to feed him. ::high fives all around::

I tried to include pictures with his eyes open, but let's be honest, he's sleeping most of the time these days. lol. Here's our little guy at one month. :)

Our first outing without Daddy - Chick Fil A! 
Afternoon snuggles with Grandma
Caught a little smirk. :)
Enjoying some sleepy cuddles with Mom
Hanging out with his BFF Ezra (born just two weeks later)
Handsome boy. Such kissable little lips. :)