Friday, September 23, 2011


IUI #2 was a bust. Curse you, infertility!

haha! Ok, in all seriousness, I'm actually doing totally fine. I'm really looking forward to having a break from meds. I've been on something every day for the last two months. It wears on ya. We have a follow up appointment with Dr. Q on Wednesday to discuss what our options are for a potential 3rd IUI. The temps on my chart are a little suspicious, and I'm not convinced that my follies are releasing eggs when they're supposed to.
You may remember that a temp shift indicates that ovulation has occured. The vertical line is when my insemination was, cycle day 12. I was expecting to see a shift in temp the next day, but it doesn't go up until 4 days later, cycle day 16. I'm wondering if I have a slow response to the trigger, if I'm even responding at all. If that's the case, we're completely off on our timing! I know it's possible for the meds I'm on to make my temps kinda wonky, but for my own peace of mind, I'd like to see what we can do to ensure that our insemination timing is actually accurate. I'd also like to see what he thinks of back-to-back inseminations (one on one day, and a second the following day). ::shrugs:: So that's it folks, that's where we're at right now. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If You Want Me To

I added another negative test to my collection yesterday. It was a couple days early, so it's not a sure thing quite yet, but I'm not counting on a different result when I test again. Ryan and I have decided to take a break in October if this IUI is in fact unsuccessful. We need time to process, pray, and seek counsel on what to do next. We're not convinced that we want to give it a third shot, like we originally thought we would. It is possible that the third time would be the charm, but at the same time, if it's failed twice before, what are the chances that a third time would actually result in a pregnancy? I want our decision to be logical, not just emotional. And I want to be open to what God would have us do. I've been feeling tugs at my heart toward adoption and I'm wondering if God is leading us in that direction now. It's going to be hard to transition my emotions and efforts from trying to get pregnant, with all the meds and treatments, to adoption, with all of it's paperwork and more waiting. On one hand, I feel like I'm giving up. On the other hand, with all the prayers going into this endeavor, and all the best case scenarios I've had trying to get pregnant, if it doesn't happen I am confident that He has another plan for us. And I will be excited to seek out the blessing He is preparing for us in someone else's womb.

This is not easy. This is really hard. This is not the way I anticipated things going for Ryan and I. But you know, of all the trials that God could have put in my life to bring me closer to Him, I know that this one is accomplishing it's purpose. I am fully confident that this is bringing Him glory, and that makes the hurt well worth it. I came across this song today by Ginny Owens. It pretty much sums it up for me right now. Enjoy -

P.S. In case you're wondering, yes, I will post again once I get the results of my final test. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All done with IUI #2

Today's IUI was much easier than our last one, thank God. We didn't have the emotional shock factor, which was nice. And I was actually able to get my body to relax enough for Dr. Q to quickly get the catheter in without too much trouble. There was some discomfort, but it was not nearly as bad as it was last month. I think that taking some ibuprofen beforehand helped. ::sigh of relief:: 

Looked like two of the eggs released earlier today, and there was one still showing on my ovary during the ultrasound. Dr. Q said it would probably release shortly after the IUI. We've got 35 million of Ryan's best in my ute right now - Godspeed my little friends! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Guess who's going to release three eggs for her IUI???!! ME!! :D Dr. Q told me yesterday at our monitoring appointment, and I immediately jumped off the table and did a Carlton Banks happy dance in the examination room- 

Bahaha! Just kidding. But that's what I felt like. :) I have three follies measuring at 15, 12, and 11 mm. As I've mentioned before, 18 is mature. So I have a couple more injections to take, and we're going to give them a few more days to grow. They should all be mature by the time I trigger ovulation on Tuesday, and then the IUI is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. I'm so happy that God allowed three follies to grow. I feel like we actually have a good shot this cycle. :)