Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nolan - 2 Months

Nolan, Nolan, Nolan. lol. Month 2 was easier than Month 1 in some ways, and more challenging in others. His acid reflux medication definitely helped alleviate much of the discomfort that was pretty constant before. He is actually able to lay down without crying now. But he still struggles with gas, despite our efforts with gas drops and trying to get burps out of him. We just switched him over to soy formula this weekend and that has made a world of difference! He's not grunting and wriggling around anymore. So I'm hoping that helps his sleep, which is also a big challenge. He's been a very light day sleeper up to this point, only napping 45 minutes or so before jolting himself awake. Swaddling, laying him in his bed, laying him on our bed, running a fan, dark room, sound machine, positioning him differently - nothing seems to make a lasting difference. Anyway, hopefully the formula change allows me to get him into a better routine and we can start seeing some improvements in his sleep. Reflux, gas, light sleep, lol, he is a bit high maintenance! But I feel like we're finally starting to get the right combination of players in place for him. Praying that month 3 is the turning point for us!

Challenges aside, we are starting to see smiles and personality come out of him which has been so nice! His sweet coos and big grins are so encouraging during the rough days. Like he just wants to assure me that he loves me and knows I'm doing what I can to help him. :)

I love seeing the growing affection that Elias has for him. He gets excited to see him in the morning, loves giving kisses, and tries to be a good helper. It's so sweet. I can't wait until Nolan starts responding to him. :)

Visiting the doctor with big brother. 
Looking up at me while I wear him around the house. :)
Getting fresh and clean!
Sleepy grins
Daddy smooches
My little swaddle-buster. Always so happy in the morning. 
Cuddle bug. :)
First day that we started seeing results from switching formula. Transitioned from being worn to the car to his bed without waking. Success! 
Our little handsome. :)