Monday, December 29, 2014

8 Months

I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas! :) We had a busy week aaaaand Elias and I got sick, but we really enjoyed ourselves anyway. Elias didn't really understand at all this year, and he's kind of afraid of the sound of ripping wrapping paper. Little weirdo. lol. But it was still fun for Ryan and I to get his stocking together and open gifts with him Christmas morning. :) Very special. 

I don't feel like we had any big milestones to speak of during month 8. He's still not crawling. Seems pretty content to roll around and get where he wants to go that way. He's so active right now and I feel like it's increasing every day. Can't imagine what it will be like when he is actually crawling. haha! He learned how to clap his hands when we say yay and daddy is working on high fives. :) We're trying to be more intentional about letting him try more solids. He likes tasting the food that we're eating. He really enjoys playing with the other babies and toys in the nursery at church on Sundays. I love that he's a friendly little guy, and hasn't had any separation anxiety yet. He just loves to be with other people, and doesn't really care who it is. :) 

That's about it! Here are some pictures of month 8 with our goober boy! :)

So handsome! I love that his hair is getting so long!
Trying to stay warm during a cold night out for dinner. :)
Hanging out with his cousin/BFF Derek. <3
Enjoying some beans and guac at a local Mexican restaurant. Looks like he took a selfie. haha. 
Happy morning boy! :)
Crazy hair during bathtime. :)
Family love!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

And then there were 4 :)

It was November 1st. A totally normal Saturday. We slept in, took our time getting ready, hung out with friends in the afternoon, and got together with family in the evening. But I was a week or so past my expected period. I've had the occasional long cycle here and there. But a whole week...? Before hitting the sack, Ryan told me to just take a pregnancy test so that we could push any crazy ideas out of our minds and carry on. I had an extra test lurking around under the sink from the embryo transfer that we did last December. So I peed on it. Super nonchalant. We stood at our bathroom sink together and stared down at that pee stick, toothbrushes in hand, toothpaste foaming up our mouths. And the most shocking and amazing word popped up - "Pregnant."
My immediate response was denial. lol. 4 1/2 years since we started trying, multiple embryo transfers, and the two times I DID get pregnant, I miscarried. That first week after the pregnancy test, I was just waiting to start bleeding. But I didn't. On the contrary, I started feeling all of the things that I had felt with the previous pregnancy. Fatigue, slight dull ache in my lower abdomen, occasional nausea, and food aversions. Only this time, I had the confidence that it was my body doing it, not meds. :) Both miscarriages had happened in week 6, so getting to week 7 was another confidence booster. And at week 8, we had our first OBGYN appointment. I was pretty nervous about doing the ultrasound at this appointment. You may recall that my ultrasound for the last pregnancy resulted in a blank screen - no baby. But to our great relief and joy, we saw a little gummy-bear-shaped body in my uterus and a nice strong heartbeat. My doctor said that everything looked great, and that I could continue on like a normal pregnant woman - no injections, no special treatment. :)
So here we are! I am just over 9 weeks today, due July 5th of next year. Elias is our sunshine and our joy, and filled every longing and hope that we ever had about parenthood. Adoption was such a wonderful experience for us, and we thought that would be the only way we would pursue a second baby if/when that time came. But God has been faithful to give me what I did not plan for. lol. He must have chuckled when He tucked this little life in my body. He gave us a surprise adoption AND a surprise pregnancy the year that we had planned to be just "Ryan and Denay." Our little family is growing by God's grace and goodness and we could not be more thrilled. But we do have a long ways to go, and we're praying that the Lord keeps this baby safe and healthy inside of me. Thank you in advance for your prayers for Baby Miller #2! :)