Tuesday, April 28, 2015

1 Year

Elias turned 1 last Monday. My baby is year old. I was going back and forth this past week, trying to decide if I just do a normal monthly post as I've been doing, or if I get hard core mushy gushy about how amazing this year has been for us. I think I'm going to save my gush for a Mother's Day post. So for now, we'll just stick to the facts. :)

The major development this month has been his desire to stand as much as possible and walk along furniture. He is not stable enough to stand without support, but I'm sure we'll get there the next month or so. :) He's learning new sounds to jabber with and and we can tell that he is trying to communicate more and more. Sign language has been so much fun! He started applying signs like "All done" to different contexts than after mealtime, like when he wants to get off the changing table or out of his carseat. lol. Just the last couple days he has been trying to tell me when he's ready for a nap. How awesome is that?? We just love watching him learn and tell us what he wants even though he's quite a ways from speaking. We're adding signs a little bit at a time and hope that he continues to pick it up as we stay consistent with it.

Here are some pictures of month 12!!

I had to take a peek at his 1 month pictures to compare. Look how much he's grown!!
He puts his toys on the ottoman now, so that he can stand while he's playing. :)
Easter Sunday at church
Checking out his findings from the Easter egg hunt at Grandma's house. :)
Playing with the remnants of his Easter basket. 
Joining in a 3rd trimester bump shot with Mom. He's got quite a seat to sit on these days. lol
Shuffling across the living room with his walker toy. 
Playing drums with Daddy. 
He was so happy to have everyone sing happy birthday to him at his party. :)
A little reading session with his new book. 
The three of us are kinda crazy about each other. <3

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2nd Trimester Recap

Well folks, we've hit the 3rd trimester! This pregnancy is going by so fast! 2nd trimester was good to me. :) A few weeks in, the fatigue and food aversions that I was feeling at the beginning of the pregnancy went away. Aaaaand that's when I kind of turned into a ravenous teenage boy. lol. 
I was in a constant state of being hungry. Seriously - constant. That has *thankfully* subsided a bit over the last few weeks. I still snack throughout the day, but I don't feel like I have an unquenchable appetite anymore. :) 

My belly is in major growth mode these days. :) It's so much fun. I love that Nolan is big enough to point out where he's at in my belly and feel him kick around in there. I feel him move throughout the day, but he is most active in the evening after dinner. Ryan felt his first kicks from the outside at 22 weeks which was a cool moment. :) I'm just now starting to actually see the movement on my belly, and I'm so excited for more of that. 

Let's see, what else...I'm getting plenty of rest even though I've had to adjust to sleeping on my side and I'm getting up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom. :) Heartburn has become a daily thing, so I'm hopeful that the little guy is growing a nice head of hair. Elias is starting to get harder to chase around since he's getting more mobile and heavier as I'm getting bigger and...less agile. haha. But I'm happy that he keeps me moving, I think it's good for me. Overall, I'm feeling great and still loving every minute of pregnancy. I'm truly thankful that God is giving me the opportunity to go through this. <3 

I know I've already posted the first picture below, but I thought it would be a nice comparison. :) So this is me at 13 weeks, which was the start of my second trimester. 
And here I am last Sunday at 28 weeks- start of the third trimester. :)