Thursday, August 22, 2013

Matched :)

We're officially matched! 

We received notification that we were selected by a genetic family this past Friday. We have since been looking through their profile and thinking everything through before giving our approval to move forward. It has been a very interesting experience. We have never had the ball in our court before. We have just seen what God has laid out in front of us, and have moved forward with what has made sense, trusting that He was leading us through every decision. But getting someone else's profile, looking through their medical history, knowing that we actually had the option of saying no and moving on to a different was surprisingly very intimidating. Is this the family for us? Will we get along well? What if another family would be a better fit? How are we supposed to know based on a couple pages of info and pictures??

We got a bit overwhelmed by the element of choice, and for a couple days I think it distracted us from the whole point of this. So here are the basics- We want to be parents, and to come alongside another family who wants their embryos to have a chance at life. That's it. All of the other minor details just don't matter in light of that. :)

Let's refer to the family as the R's for now. :) I obviously have to protect their privacy, so I will have to be somewhat vague. I can tell you that they are a white, Christian family who lives on the east coast. They have five embryos which are all at the day 6 blastocyst stage (if you're not familiar with the IVF lingo, that just means that they are developing right on track). The family is very interested in getting to know us and keeping in touch through whatever communication means we are comfortable with.

So what's next? Well the agency was going to start sending the documents to Dr. Q's office this week. Next week we'll get the contract signed. Then the agency will coordinate shipping of the embryos from the R's clinic to Dr. Q's office. I'm sure that after contracts are signed, we will start communication with the R's directly, so I will keep you posted. :) It's been a slower start than I expected, but we're moving forward!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Embryo Adoption Profile Book

I received confirmation from our agency that our profile is currently being viewed by a genetic family! :) We don't know a single thing about this family, but I'm still happy to be considered by them. So yeah...hopefully we'll hear in the next few days whether or not they want to move forward with us.
In case you were wondering, we did slightly adjust our original adoption profile book when we switched to embryo adoption. Most of the main pages contain the same content, but I had to change the language in our introduction and closing pages to suit a genetic family instead of a birth family. And while I was at it, I updated some pictures as well. :) If you'd like to see what the genetic family is looking at, you can click here. :)