Friday, January 30, 2015

And He Shall be Called...

Nolan. Our second little boy has officially been named Nolan. :)
We don't have a middle name yet because Ryan says that a first name is enough of a decision for one trimester.
hahahaha! ;) Anyway, I know this is a short post, but I just wanted to share cause people have been asking. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

9 Months

Elias' 9th month has been a lot of fun in some ways and kind of difficult in other ways. He had a cold the week of Christmas, the flu the week of New Years, and then started teething. Sooooo yeah, let's just say he hasn't been himself. But thankfully, he's been back to his normal and happy self for about a week now. :) 

Despite being a sicky boy, Elias has been doing a lot of developing. He's army crawling all over the house, trying all kinds of new foods, holding his own bottle, and there are two top teeth starting to break through his gums. He is such a little explorer! He would much rather look under our TV stand or behind a cracked door than stay in one spot and play with toys. :) I wonder how much that character trait will play out as he gets older. I can totally imagine him being an active, outdoorsy type kid. His understanding is really growing as well. We're introducing no-nos and he's been very responsive to that so far. He likes giving kisses, making flirty eyes, and laughing. We're so crazy about our boy. :) Here are a few pictures from month 9.

He's a little charmer with that smile of his. <3
Fussy boys end up doing dishes with mom. He seems pretty happy about it. lol 
Our first Christmas together!
Snuggles and laughs with mom.
Out for lunch! :) 
Getting into all kinds of mischief these days.
We love being out and about together. :)
Play time in his room.
Morning relaxing in mom and dad's bed. He made himself at home. lol :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

It's a BOY!!

In case you missed it on Facebook/Instagram over the weekend...

Elias is getting a little brother!! woohoo! :)) We scheduled an early ultrasound for this past Friday and got a peek of the little guy. His legs were smooshed up against my uterus at first, and then he was moving around a ton, but after a few minutes of chasing him we got a very clear shot in between his legs (see pic below). haha. We're so excited to welcome another boy into our family. I love that our sons will be so close in age! :) 
Looking up as he sits cross legged. :)
Profile. :) His right hand is waving behind him. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1st Trimester Recap

Can't believe that I'm in my second trimester! It just still blows my mind that I'm actually pregnant. lol. On top of the blessing of the pregnancy itself, I feel like the Lord doubly blessed me by giving me a really ideal first trimester. There was definitely fatigue the first few weeks, and I still takes naps a couple times a week. :) I have an aversion to meat and foods that I would consider rich or strong in flavor. I had a weird taste in my mouth and was burping at all times up until about week 11ish. But no vomiting or extreme nausea which I am so thankful for. Overall, I'm feeling great! The only notable cravings that I've had so far are Chick Fil A (the only meat I actually want), sushi (baked rolls only of course) and sour gummy candy. :)

We had our 3 month check up a couple weeks ago and unfortunately I didn't get a nice picture to share with you all. But baby actually looks like a baby now! He/She was wiggling around and had a nice strong heartbeat. My belly is starting to poof out a bit and I am officially in maternity jeans. I think that maternity jeans are amazing and I don't understand why all jeans can't come with a soft waistband. lol. I have only taken a few super casual belly shots, but I think I'm more willing to take them now that it looks like a little more than just chub around my waist. ;)

I am 14 weeks as of yesterday. We have an ultrasound appointment to find out the gender this Friday. eeeeeek!

9 weeks - I couldn't bring myself to take a belly shot until we had seen the heartbeat. :)
11 weeks - trying on maternity jeans!
13 weeks - start of 2nd trimester. :)