Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Long time no...see? Talk? Read?

I have no idea what the appropriate phrase is for my subject line. Oh well, you know what I mean. :) Not much has happened in the past couple weeks. We spent the first week of July wishing we were dead because we were just that miserable. ;) Our AC has never worked and we've been in denial of that fact since we moved in. haha. We eventually just ended up crashing at my parent's house all last week, till it got fixed. But you know, the change in pace made the time go by fast, which was nice. Actually, this whole month is full of out of the ordinary activities, and that has really helped keep my mind from dwelling too much on our forced pause in treatment. Next week we're getting on a plane and spending several glorious days on the east coast with the Miller clan. I CAN'T WAIT! I'm thankful that I get to enjoy a vacation and time with the family, completely void of hormonal hot flashes, irritability, and headaches. :) Anyway, by the time we get back I will be just a few days away from my next cycle when we whip out the big guns of intrauterine insemination. Yeah baby! 

In other news, I came across the first song I've ever heard mention a struggle to get pregnant. It's not new, I just must not have ever paid attention to that part of the song before. Anyway, though it is just a very short verse (starts at 2min 15sec), it made me happy, in an eyes-welled-up-with-tears sort of way. It's what I envision happening some day for us. And yes, it's country. Don't hate. ;) haha


  1. Enjoy your vacation. Remember God has this time you wait in His plan for you and Ryan. However God brings you baby Miller you will be sooo excited and laugh and cry.
    Praying for God's best for you both.
    (Actually I like Country Music)

  2. Cute song, dang it, you made me cry :) You and Ryan will have that "moment", whether you finally see those two pink lines on a stick, or get the phone call that your little one is ready to go home with their new mom and dad, and I can't wait to celebrate with you!!!
    Love ya <3

  3. I looooove country Mrs. Cook. It's the best genre for good lyrics. :)

    Alyssa, I seem to be doing that a lot lately. I don't mean to, I promise. ;) lol. But it does make me feel very loved and I appreciate you and Jason so much. :) ::big hug::

  4. Aw Denay, that made me well up too :) what a sweet song. I can't wait to see you as a mom! <3 you :)