Thursday, November 24, 2011


There are two things that I distinctly remember about Thanksgiving as a kid. 1) I didn't like any of the food. Horrific, I know. Yes the girl who lights up at the sight, smell, or thought of food, was at one point quite a picky eater. lol. My family will never let me live down the legendary Thanksgiving meal of bread, butter, and 7Up. ::covers face in shame:: So yeah, that's one thing. 2) My parents did a great job of making Thanksgiving special. On Thanksgiving evening, my parents would whip out champagne glasses, Martinelli's, and candles for a "romantic" night of toasting. We would go around the table and each of us would say something that we were thankful for and then we'd toast. And we'd keep going as long as there was still cider on the table. I want to do this with our kids one day. It's just good to have a tradition of reflecting on what God has done for us.

Here it goes folks, in a chaotic sort of nutshell. I am thankful for late night cuddles, movie marathons, constant kisses, silly laughter, and comfort food in the back room with my best friend and love of my life. I'm thankful for all of the shirts that I've stained with tear soaked mascara, because they remind me of the husband that has held me through so many nights of heartache this year. I'm thankful for the medical help that is available to us through the battle of infertility, and for the ability to afford treatment. I'm thankful for colored walls and picture frames in the house that God has so graciously given to us. I'm thankful for love, understanding, and wisdom from my parents. I'm thankful that I get to see my brother and sister in law every Sunday, even if we don't have time to talk very much. I'm thankful for little grins, raspberries, chubby legs, and girly sighs from my beautiful niece. I'm thankful that marriage has made me a daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, and cousin to  the wonderful family that I've been added to. I'm thankful for the friends who have become family; the Friday night dinners, ridiculously blunt conversations, laughing till it hurts, and tearful hugs when things aren't as great as we'd like. I'm thankful for a pastor who loves us, a building to worship in, and the nursery kids who always decide to cry at the same time. :) I'm thankful that the King of all Kings chose to adopt me into His family. I'm thankful that He loves me more than I can even imagine. I'm thankful that He is persistently molding and chipping away at me, to make me the Godly woman He wants me to be (even if I try to talk Him out of it sometimes. *teehee*). I'm thankful that there is a purpose in all the struggles of life. I'm thankful that He is somehow allowing me, a broken person in a broken world, to give Him glory. I could to on and on, but let me wrap it up by just saying, praise God for all of His blessings, and the hardships that are blessings in disguise. He is so good and faithful to me. Cheers!

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