Wednesday, June 27, 2012

::twiddles thumbs::

I've been emailing the other adoption agency that we want to check out, but it doesn't look like the social worker is able to meet with us for another three weeks or so. We could do a phone conference but Ryan and I would much rather go to the office and really get a feel for the people we would potentially be working with. So yeah, I'm kind of annoyed with the delay. I had a mini melt down about it last night. I just feel like nothing is happening! I want to hurry up and get going with our application and home study. Apparently infertility hasn't cured me of impatience. ;) My husband has lovingly reminded me that we are not done waiting for a baby, and I need to be ok with that. We need to make a wise decision on our agency, and if that means waiting another three weeks to meet with the last one, then that's what we have to do. ::sigh::


  1. Waiting stinks, especially when you're waiting to start on such an important journey!! Praying that your weeks will go quickly!

  2. Rats!!! I'm sorry for the wait :(

  3. Where do you get these pictures?!!!!! I LOVE them!!!!
    Well . . . maybe you can go on another vacations! That should kill some time : o


  4. I used to think of the waiting as "anticipation" - what's next. The Lord's plans cannot be therefore, He has you waiting for a reason....He already knows exactly when your child will be placed in your arms. In the meantime....enjoy every step of the process. When your baby arrives and you are all settled in and will look back and remember the process and how the anticipation was so exciting because the gift that was bestowed upon you was worth the wait! Don't rush (that's easy for me to say now that we have our children) will miss out on the many blessing that the Lord has planned along the way. You will talk about those blessings for years to come. Praying for you. I am so excited and want to be apart of this process....please keep us in the loop...I wish I was walking every step with you!
    Auntie Kellie
    p.s. just wanted to re-send this little portion of the commentary I was reading to the kids on 1 Sam 1 by Dale Davis. "Hannah, therefore shares in a fellowship of barrenness. And it is frequently in this fellowship that new chapters in Yahweh's history with his people begin - begin with nothing. God's tendency is to make our total inability his starting point. Our hopelessness and our helplessness are no barrier to his work. Indeed our utter incapacity is often the prop he delights to use for his next act...When his people are without strength, without resources, without hope, without human gimmicks - then he loves to stretch forth his hand from heaven. Once we see where God often begins we will understand how we may be encouraged."

    1. Anticipation is a good way of looking at it. Much more positive sounding than WAITING. :) I knew that there would be times of waiting, I just didn't really think that there would be a wait just to get started! lol. Thanks for your continued encouragement Auntie Kellie. :) Love ya!

  5. I'm getting excited for you! You two are so close to taking a big step :) The waiting never seems to end sometimes though!