Thursday, September 6, 2012

A little of this and that

Just got off the phone with our official social worker, Anita! :) We are all set for our first meeting/interview with her on Monday afternoon! Yay! It's been quiet for a couple weeks now, so I'm excited about any sort of movement on the adoption front. :)

These days I've been working two projects-
1) Our profile book, which has been a lot of fun, but can also be kind of intimidating. I mean I'm trying to find the right pictures and say the right things to sum up our life together and describe who we are. This is what birthmothers are going to be looking through to figure out if we are the family they want to raise their child! I just want to make sure that we are representing ourselves well and accurately, you know? 

2) Cleaning out the baby room so that I can start decorating! :)
I've had ideas about this room for a long time. It's wonderful to actually be able to start looking at things I want to buy and figuring out how I'd like to set everything up. I'm going to be making some of my own things for the room (bedding, a mobile, curtains, etc.), so I have a handful of mini projects to do that will keep me busy in the coming months. There's nothing like a fun project or two to help pass the wait. :) Below are a couple prints that I ordered today, so you can see the direction the room is going in. :) They make me so happy. :) 


  1. :) As an adoptive mom I say......I am so excited for you. It's the greatest gift E V E R!!!!!

  2. I so have a think for ferris wheels! It's strange, because I've NEVER ridden on one! I can't wait to see how the room comes together! =) Excited for your meeting on Monday.

  3. Exciting! We just sent our application last week and have our initial interview on the 19th. Nervous. Excited. You name it. ~ Love the color of the room!

  4. I love the color of your nursery and the prints you ordered! So different and cheerful!
    The profile book is definitely intimidating; I'm going to be starting ours again soon for our 2nd adoption. If you haven't already, google "adoption profile book" and look at the examples. You can get some good ideas from that.