Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Auntie Love :)

I had the wonderful privilege of watching my nephew come into the world on Friday.  I will just say that childbirth is crazy, weird, and beautiful all at the same time. :) 
I'm so thankful for my brother and sister-in-law, who not only invited me to be a part of an incredible experience, but unknowingly helped me prepare for some aspects of the adoption as well. If (big If) we get to be in the room with Birthmom when she delivers, I think I will feel a little less intimidated now that I have seen someone that I'm very comfortable with go through labor. I got to see the process first hand, and watch a really great coach in action. :) Right after Austin was born, I also got to see him soothed by mommy and daddy's voices. I've known, in theory, that the baby has been hearing his parents' voices during the nine months of pregnancy. But to actually see him respond to them moments from being born was still somewhat surprising to me. Our baby is not going to know my voice, and I may not be able to soothe them the way Birthmom can. And that's ok; it's natural. But I know that this is something that I will need to prepare my heart for, as much as that is even possible...

I spent Friday night and Saturday watching my niece while mommy and daddy were at the hospital with baby brother. We "talked", we laughed, we danced, we played and cuddled. :) I treasure my time with her, and the relationship that we've been able to build. She is such a joy. :)

I don't know when Baby Miller is going to get here and make me a mommy, but in the meantime, it's pretty awesome to be Tia / Auntie. :)



  1. I cant wait for you to be a mommy!:) come on baby miller, lets get this party started!

  2. Being an aunt is amazing. Being in the room to see your niece/nephew come into the world, is phenomenal! My sister allowed me to be in there to watch my very last nephews birth. Such a beautiful thing! Glad you got to experience that as well.

  3. I'm so glad you were able to be there when Austin was born <3 what a joy to watch God unfold a miracle right before your very eyes! You are a wonderful Tia and are going to be a fabulous mommy! Can't wait! <3