Monday, January 14, 2013

Complete Nursery Tour!

I finished the nursery! Woohoo! Check out the video tour below. :)


  1. Denay, the room turned out so CUTE!!! You did a great job...what a blessing to be able to make so much of the decor - makes it even more special. Can't wait to see your little girl in there...she will add so much life to the room....all the giggles, cooing, cying, squeals, smells of the baby will light up the room even more than it already is. It's coming quickly....although I am sure not quick enough. I remember thinking it would never get here. Can't wait. Love, Auntie Kellie

  2. Denay,
    Your Baby Nursery Is So Beautiful! I Love How You Added All The Special Touches By Making So Many Of The Wonderful Things For Your Sweet Baby Girl! :) I LOVE The Hook Rug You Made!!
    I Am So Excited For You And Ryan...The BIG DAY Will Be Here Before You Know It!!
    Love Your Family SO Much, B.J. Miller