Saturday, May 3, 2014

Birth Story - Elias Ryan

I know, I know - multiple posts are way overdue. lol. I hope that you've been following my Facebook and/or Instagram to get updates, because picture posts are all I have had time for up to this point. :) I'm just going to go ahead and tell the birth story for now. I think that catching you up from there will be easier once I get this larger post out of the way. I have good stuff coming so keep an eye out! Homecoming pictures, the newborn photo shoot, pictures of our life at home so far, and also filling you in on how God orchestrated this whole story leading up to the birth. Bear with me folks, I had two and a half weeks to prepare for this adoption and now I've got a newborn. haha.


At 3:21am on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014, I was woken up by a phone call from our facilitator. Birthmom was in labor and on her way to Henry Mayo Hospital in Valencia, California. Ryan and I quickly got ready, threw our bags and carseat in the car and arrived at the hospital at 5:49am. 
When we got to the waiting area right outside the labor and delivery ward, we were greeted by our translator (the birthmom and her family are all Spanish speakers). Shortly after taking our seats and catching up on how birthmom was doing, a nurse came out to introduce herself and give us a rundown on the plan. We had already discussed the birth plan with our facilitators, but it was really nice to arrive at the hospital and see that the plan was in place and that all parties involved, including the doctor and nursing staff, were on the same page. Birthmom was only dilated to 2cm, but in consideration of her situation, her OB had admitted her, given her an epidural and started her on pitocin. They wanted her to experience the least amount of pain and get through labor as quickly as possible. We were all so grateful that they did not want her to have a long drawn out delivery. 

The birth family graciously permitted our parents to be at the hospital with us. They showed up bright and early to wait for the arrival of their grandson!
It was such a blessing to have them with us. We had company during the wait, people to get pictures of this special day, and it allowed them to just be a part of something extraordinary. One day they'll be able to tell him what it was like on the day he was born and that just means so much to Ryan and I. 

The OB and nursing staff all came out in a group to introduce themselves to us. They told us what part each of them would be playing and also reinforced the plan once again. I cannot say enough good things about this staff. The doctor kept coming out into the hall periodically to give us updates on birthmom's progress. Seriously, when does that ever happen? Each person was over the top kind. We felt so supported and included. It was more than we could have asked for. 
We got word that birthmom was going to start pushing. Oh the anticipation! lol. We waited, we paced, we listened, we watched the door just hoping someone would come out and give us the good news. 

And after what seemed like forever, we heard a baby cry. :) And a few minutes later a nurse came out to give the stats. 
Our Easter blessing, Elias Ryan Miller, was born at 12:12pm. He was 6 pounds 13 ounces, 19 inches long, with strong lungs and a plenty of dark brown hair. :) The birth family (Elias' grandmother and aunt) requested just a few minutes to see him and say their goodbyes, which was perfectly fine with us. We were taken back to the nursery about 20 minutes later to get the first look at our boy.
We were taken to a post partum room and spent our first night together at the hospital, sleeping and cuddling. Beyond excited to finally a family of three. <3


  1. Oh my goodness, Denay, I am so excited for you both! Congratulations! I have stalked your blog since its beginning, and have been praying for you. What a long, hard journey, but your faith all throughout has been such a testimony. Love the name Elias and such a cutie!

  2. It's a perfect birth story! I love the pure joy & excitement that each photo holds :) So glad to hear that your parents were able to be there as well. Eager to read more posts :D In the mean time, happy parenting!

  3. I am beyond happy for you and your little family. You guys are adorable. Loved reading the birth story, glad you had such a great experience!

  4. Congratulations!!! This is a beautiful story, and the photos are wonderful, and show how very exciting and joyous this experience was. I saw your blog for the first time only a couple weeks ago, and I am so happy for you that you have a new member of your family.

  5. Words can't express how thrilled I am for you! Congratulations!

  6. YAY!!!! :) I am SO excited for you guys! Elias is a beautiful baby! I love seeing how God came through for you to finally make you a family of 3. :) Totally awesome!!!

  7. I am so, so overjoyed to read this! I'm crying!! Congratulations!!

  8. Soooo exciting! 4 years of praying for The Lord to grow the Miller family! Soooo happy for you guys!

  9. This post made me cry tears of joy for you all. Congratulations! What a blessing.

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  11. I don't know you, but you two look like the cutest and happiest couple. Congratulations!!!!! You have a BEAUTIFUL baby boy :)