Sunday, February 22, 2015

10 Months

Double digits! How did this happen so fast?? Elias sprouted 4 teeth this month!! So there were more moody days, but I feel like this round of teething was more tolerable than the last one. He is still army crawling around the house and has gotten much faster. He gets up on his knees and rocks around, but not really anything beyond that. He's trying to pull on things and climb a little bit. We have so enjoyed watching Elias become getting much more responsive and interactive. He reaches out to be held, looks in our eyes while he babbles, seems to understand the concept of being "chased" and rough-housing with daddy. :) We've noticed that he mainly uses his left hand when he's eating and picking things up, so we're wondering if he will keep that up and be a lefty. 

From a character training standpoint, we've definitely given Elias specific no-nos around the house. He clearly understands and responds when we tell him not to do something. :) I'm trying to be more intentional about using sign language and repetitious words with him, especially at mealtime. I want to give him tools for communicating without fussing for more food. So far, the only sign that he actually repeats back to me is "all done". I don't think he understands what it means yet, but it's a start! :)
Relaxing with mom. <3
Our happy boy. :)
Off for an evening walk with Daddy. He was pretty excited. haha.
Some days, the only way I am able to get ready is with this goober crawling all over me and grabbing at my makeup. lol
Had a great check up with our pediatrician this month. I was proud to hear that Elias is exceptionally friendly and social for his age. yay! :)
He still gets so excited about bath time. I may have a little too much fun playing with his hair. ;)


  1. I can't get over his SMILE! I love it! He's getting so big so fast :)

  2. What kind of bath do you use for him? Trying to decide what to get!

    1. It's a Summer Easy Storage tub. I LOVE it. I have a little review on it here if you'd like to see- .

  3. It's crazy how much he looks exactly like you and your your husband.