Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's Done! :)

Elias' adoption is complete! I gotta admit, Ryan and I were both a little nervous yesterday leading up to the hearing. Not sure why. It just felt like a big day. I sat in the backseat with Elias on the way to the courthouse so that I could feed him. It reminded me of the day we brought him home from the hospital, when I sat in the backseat just to be able to look at him. I remembered how surreal it felt to finally be a mom after everything we'd been through. And there I was, 11 months later, feeding a handsome little boy with a cheesy grin, and only an hour or two away from the adoption being complete. Then the pregnancy hormones took over and the weight of finalization day oozed out of my eyes in tears. :')

The actual proceeding itself was somewhat anticlimactic. lol. The judge was fine, but didn't exactly seem enthusiastic about life in general. I was kinda hoping that he would make it special, but no such luck. We signed a document, agreed that we will raise Elias as our own blood, and then took some pictures. And of course the one time I want our little goober to be all smiles for the camera, he's a hot mess, ready for a bottle and nap. Anyway, that was it! 

Happy boy on our way to the courthouse.
Walking the halls with Grandma
Waiting for the judge
Signing the final documents

Family photo. Elias melt down. lol. 

Ryan and I are so thankful for our biggest cheerleaders and supporters - our family! But also for all of you who have been along on the journey with us. God has blessed and abundantly provided for every aspect of Elias' adoption. We're very happy to have it all done and official. Elias was always meant for us, and now it's just formally written on paper. <3

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  1. I LOL-ed too at the family photo too! That's exactly the type of thing to happen to us. My brother just got married and Elise was on prednisone because she had a nasty cough, and it made her SO cranky. She cried through the whole ceremony, photos, and reception!
    Congratulations!!!!!! It's gotta feel so good!! So happy for you. <3