Saturday, September 3, 2011


Guess who's going to release three eggs for her IUI???!! ME!! :D Dr. Q told me yesterday at our monitoring appointment, and I immediately jumped off the table and did a Carlton Banks happy dance in the examination room- 

Bahaha! Just kidding. But that's what I felt like. :) I have three follies measuring at 15, 12, and 11 mm. As I've mentioned before, 18 is mature. So I have a couple more injections to take, and we're going to give them a few more days to grow. They should all be mature by the time I trigger ovulation on Tuesday, and then the IUI is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. I'm so happy that God allowed three follies to grow. I feel like we actually have a good shot this cycle. :) 


  1. WooHoo for THREE!! We continue to pray! Although I can't dance like Carlton Banks, and the happy dance may look a little different, we are rejoicing with you :)))

  2. Praying this would be the one...or the two...or even the three!! <3


  3. I can totally see you doing this dance! Imagine really doing it in the doctors office! Hilarious!!!!
    I love you!

  4. Praying that this would be the one :) keep up the positive attitude and keep on dancin LOL!

  5. Yeah! So happy! :) I've been praying hard for you! :) I'll keep praying hard over the next 4 days! :)

  6. Praying and doing the Carlton dance with you! ;)


  7. today is Wednesday - praying like crazy!