Friday, May 13, 2011

“hmmm…Denay, I think it might be your ovaries.”

I figured that the tests I took yesterday would come back normal, just like the other tests that we’ve done thus far. I didn’t expect that the doctor would actually find anything unusual. But he did. I’m getting ahead of myself though, let’s back up. :)
My mom drove out to Glendale with me, to be a carpool buddy and supporter. Ryan would have come, but knowing that the HSG procedure would only take about 15 minutes, we decided that we’d rather save his time off for more important occasions. Like ultrasounds one day (hopefully). Anyway, mom and I made the trip out, talking the whole way, which was awesome cause we had a good time and I was totally distracted up until I got my legs up in the air. Haha. The procedure itself was…a little more painful than I expected. Lots of intense cramping as they were putting the catheter in, and then I got a really painful and light headed sensation as they were putting the fluid through. But that part was very short, it only took about a minute, so it was tolerable. My tubes looked great! So we moved on to an internal ultrasound to check out my ovaries. And this is when Dr. Q made the previously mentioned statement- “hmm. Denay, I think it might be your ovaries.” ::insert my stunned face here:: Basically, he said that my ovaries don’t look like the ovaries of a 25 year old, they look more like ovaries of a 35 year old. Still working and producing eggs, but they’re just not as “hearty” and healthy looking as they would be for someone my age. He assured me that everything else looks good, and that I will be able to get pregnant. It’s just a matter of time, and how aggressive we want to go with our treatment options.
While I was expecting everything to be fine and normal, it was nice to hear that there may be an actual reason behind why this is taking us longer than we thought it would. Now Ryan and I have more information to make some decisions with. If my ovaries are 35 now, how will they look in a few years? If we want to have biological children, now is the time to try. We’re going to pause our thoughts on adoption for the moment, while we pursue the next couple stages of fertility treatment. I filled a prescription last night for Clomid, which will stimulate follicle development in my ovaries. It’s the easiest, cheapest route, and since it’s too late in my cycle for the other options, we figured we had nothing to lose by just giving it a go this cycle. It actually doesn’t raise our odds very much, so depending on how I respond to it (I’ll be monitored to see the effects), we might do it again next cycle, or just jump to the next stage of aggression.


  1. I am glad the HSG went well, and that your RE is confident in your ovaries :) I hope the Clomid is all you need!

  2. Having been through all this over 20 years ago I look forward to following your progress. I also look forward to seeing how God is going to bring "baby Miller" home to both of you.
    I agree with Mrs. B I hope clomid is all you need but if not I'm here for you if you need someone to talk to. :) Candy

  3. So happy to hear the test was good!! Very happy you have a plan and hope you get that little miracle!! Best of luck to you girlie!!