Friday, May 6, 2011

Plan Of Action!

It’s been a year of trying to get pregnant – now what? Well, we’re actually starting out by taking two simultaneous routes right now, and I trust that over the next few months God will make the right path obvious to us.
Ryan and I have talked about adoption since we were dating. It’s just been on our hearts as something that we’ve always wanted to do, whether or not we were able to have biological children. I admit, I didn’t think that baby #1 would be adopted, but getting pregnant is obviously taking a little longer than we anticipated, so why not? *chuckles to self* Ok, “a little longer than anticipated” is an understatement- I totally thought I was going to be a one-hit-wonder and here I am a year later. ;) haha. Anyway, we brought the subject up about a month ago, and decided to do some preliminary research and get together with some dear family friends of ours to hear about their adoption experience. We were so blessed by our get together last weekend! The more that we talk about adoption, the more excited we are to pursue it. This week we made the first step by contacting a local Christian adoption agency to request more information on their particular process. I just received the preliminary application and supplemental questionnaire this morning, so Ryan and I will go through those and see what happens from there!
While doing that, I will also be going through some fertility testing. We have already done the first round of simple tests with our primary physicians- SA & blood work for Ryan, and ultrasound & blood work for me. Both checked out just fine. The next step is to meet with a reproductive endocrinologist (who will henceforth be referred to as RE). I have my first consultation appointment scheduled for next Wednesday, which I hope is when he will give me a referral for an HSG test. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s essentially ink/dye being shot up into my lady bits to see if there are any abnormalities such as clogged tubes, narrow or tilted “passageways”, etc. The nice thing about this is that if my tubes do happen to be blocked, the pressure of the fluid will (hopefully) clear it out. We’ll see what options lie ahead of us, fertility-wise, after Wednesday. I’ll keep you posted. J
It’s exciting to have a plan. I'm really looking forward to seeing what God will do. :)


  1. Count me in as one of your you both!!

  2. "Lady bits..." did a little chuckle on that one! I think you both are incredible. Still praying for you both. Aunt Tammy

  3. Denay!
    As someone who has been adopted I could answer some of the "kids side" questions you may have or put you in touch with the Christian adoption agency Dj and I both were adopted from. They are Botany Christian Services out of Wildflower, Ca.

  4. Reading your post made me impressed. Good writing skills made me understand all your thoughts and ideas. Keep it up!