Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick check in

Just checking in to say that this break from treatment has been so nice! I like life without meds and appointments! ::content sigh:: There has been a ton to think about since our appointment with Dr. Q last week. It went very well and gave us quite a bit of clarification on our options. I really appreciate having a doctor who takes the time to talk through our concerns and give explanations without being condescending or adding pressure to us. Ryan and I are so relieved that we have the time to process everything and come to a decision that we feel comfortable with. We are going to talk to a couple more people before going public with our decision, so you'll have to hang in there a little longer for that. :)


  1. Praying for your decision. Love you both. Let me know if we can do anything. Auntie Kellie

  2. Ugh, total cliffhanger! Boo :(
    Lol, jk ;) Glad you're enjoying your break, can't wait to hear what your decision is. Love you! :)