Thursday, January 26, 2012


That comic makes me smile. :) Anyhoosie, it's been about a week since the transfer. I sense that I should give some sort of update, but there's not much to update on. lol. I had an awesome weekend of couch sitting and movie watching last weekend after the transfer was over. It was lovely. :) But Monday it was back to the usual routine of life. On the surface at least. :) I'm crampy, bloated, and trying to suppress the angst that continues to well up inside of me. I've been spending any free time I have at home watching IVF success stories on YouTube. Not sure if it's helping or hurting, but either way, I can't stop. lol don't know if I'm looking forward to getting the results or dreading them. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. It's emotionally confusing. ::sigh::


  1. I'm glad you updated, even if there wasn't much for news. I've been praying for you and wondering how you were :) it breaks my heart that you have to go through all this fear and uncertainty, but I know it's going to shape you into an even better mommy, and you're going to love your child like crazy no matter how they join your family. You have such a big, beautiful heart :)
    Love you and praying for you and the embies my friend :)

  2. I was just thinking of you and glad you updated. I love that pip too...I've seen it before and it cracks me up. Lots of love and prayers to you my beautiful friend xoxo