Monday, October 8, 2012

Almost done!

Ryan and I have both finished our second books! :) One of the chapters that stood out to me dealt with what typically happens before, during, and after the birth of the child. There was a ton of information, but my bottom line take-away was that I need to put others before myself. The delivery and birth are going to be about the birthmom and the baby, not me. I admit, I was a little overwhelmed and even sad as I was reading through all of the typical emotions, and possible scenarios that could play out at the hospital. What if the birth family is not supportive of her decision and they make things difficult at the hospital? How can we rejoice, when she is being struck with grief? What if she chooses not to sign the papers after she sees the baby? What if we don't get to walk away as parents???

Ay ay ay, So many things to trust the Lord about! But God is good, and I know that He will give us the grace and wisdom to get through that part in our journey, however difficult it may be. :)

On top of finishing our books last week, we also got our profile books in, and Ryan had his individual interview. So this is what we have left before approval-
  • Ryan's third book
  • Denay's third book
  • Physical exams and bloodwork, which is scheduled for next Monday
  • Final interview. I sent an email out to Anita this morning to see if we could do October 26, so hopefully that works for her.
We're getting so close! :)

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  1. I know. All the possible scary scenarios weigh heavily on me too on a daily basis. I just keep telling myself God doesn't give us anything He knows we can't handle and that everything in the end will all be worth every ounce of pain. Doesn't make that pill any easier to swallow sometimes, though!