Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nesting :)

We have not been officially approved as adoptive parents yet. birthday was earlier this month and I couldn't think of anything that I wanted more than stuff for the baby. :) With my homestudy to-do list complete, I am in total nesting mode! I did some prep work on the nursery this past week and Ryan and I were able to add some key items to it yesterday. :) 

Our crib! Straight edges, clean cut, and most importantly - Denay sized! ;) I am 5'1, so...shorter than most. :) Some of the cribs I've seen come up to my chest, which is just not practical for laying down and picking up a baby multiple times a day. This Ikea Sundvik crib hits just above my hips, and the shorter stature really works well in the small room, so it's perfect for us on multiple levels. :)

Next, we set up the dresser, which is also from Ikea because you just can't beat their prices for new furniture. I took the closet doors down and painted the inside so that I could add space to the room. I'm going to be working on a valance for the top part to make it less closet-y. I plan on putting a changing pad on the dresser to give it a dual purpose. And I'll add storage bins of some kind to the right of it. 

It also happened to be a good weekend for getting free stuff! lol. I was very blessed to add a pack n play, shoes, diapers, and various other items to my growing collection of baby stuff. My awesome sister in law even passed on the beloved "Current Family Favorite" t-shirt. :) It's so nice to have friends who lovingly hand their goodies off to me. It really makes me feel like a mommy-to-be. :)


  1. It looks fabulous! I have loved that room and those colors and theme since you first showed it to me. That baby is going to be so loved :)

  2. Exciting times as we all wait for Baby Miller! I'm glad you have little projects to keep you pre-occupied while you wait. Love the colors! Love the room! Can't wait to LOVE the baby!!!!!