Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hospital Planning

Last Thursday I did the hospital tour with Q, which was really nice. She tends to leave the talking to others in group settings, so it was great to get some solid one-on-one time with her. And getting a tour of the hospital allowed me to visualize the setting and meet some of the staff that will be taking care of us when Ellie comes. They seem to be very helpful, and adoption friendly. :) The only somewhat odd thing is that there isn't a nursery at the hospital. Which means that baby is with mom during the entire hospital stay. That set up works fine for typical births, but it makes things a little complicated for adoptions. Our social worker, Anita, said that it is not uncommon for the hospital to give the adopting family a room of their own. This provides privacy for both the couple and the birthmom, while still allowing them to be close to each other and the baby. Assuming that the hospital is making an effort to accommodate the adoption as much as possible, it will still depend on room availability. This is something that you can be praying for as we approach the due date. Q has asked that I take care of Elliana during her 1-2 night stay at the hospital. The ideal scenario is that Ryan and I would be able to have a room, so that Elliana could be with us during that time. We want to be able to share that first night together, learning how to feed her and change her diaper, and just start the bonding process. However, if we are not given a room, the alternative is that I stay overnight in Q's room and care for Ellie there. That would make my first overnight "mommy experience" with Q, and without Ryan. Obviously, we will be going with the flow and doing whatever we need to do at that point. But as you can imagine, the latter scenario is not nearly as appealing as the first, for all parties involved. :/

In other news, although Q hasn't worked on an official birth plan quite yet, she said that she wants Ryan and I to be in the room with her during delivery. We're going to be taking Lamaze classes together in February and I will get to be her labor coach! :) woohoo!


  1. That's awesome. Will pray for a room for you guys!

  2. We Will MOST DEFINITELY Be Praying For A SEPARATE ROOM For You And Ryan!! This Is Getting To Be Very EXCITING!! So EXTREMELY Happy For You And Ryan!! :)