Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog housekeeping :)

Several of you have told me that you can't figure out how to post a comment. Well, I love getting comments, so let's remedy that problem shall we? :)

You can comment through a few different profile options, but I think the easiest way if you don't have a blog yourself, is to go the Anonymous route oooooor through a Google account. Simply select Anonymous from the drop down, type your comment in the box, and remember to put your name at the end. vua la! You can set up a Google account here (it's a quick & easy set up), and then just sign in when you want to post a comment. This will allow your name to be displayed as a header instead of having to sign your name at the end.

Also, since most of you follow via email, you may not have noticed that I added a "Trying to Get Pregnant?" tab to the website. I still have more to add, but it was updated yesterday with lots of new content. :) I hope that it will be a helpful resource to ladies who are currently trying, or will be trying in the near future.

That's all for now folks. Have a good day! :)


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  2. It's nice of you to provide so many options to allow people to post more easily - thanks.

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