Tuesday, June 14, 2011

::High fives all around::

I HAVE TWO FOLLIES!! : D Both are measuring at 23mm. 18 is mature and healthy, so we're in good shape! yay! I'm so happy and relieved!

Thank you all so much for your prayers. Aside from the hot flashes, I had less side effects than I anticipated, and I can only contribute that to prayer. It is such a huge comfort to know that when I feel like I'm out of words and I'm not sure what to pray for any more, there are others that will come before the Lord on my behalf. : ) So now we wait for ovulation, and then wait some more to see if we successfully preggo-d those eggos. ; )


  1. Yay! Praying:) "we press oooon!"

  2. Yay! Lets go eggos n fishos ;) lol God is good!


  3. :)!!!!!! yey! Praise God! love the dancing guy by the way LOL! Continued prayers. Two follies, does this mean there is possibility for twins? A possible two for the price of one :)

  4. YeeHaw!Go-Baby-Go!
    I'd love to see you and Ryan doing the dance instead of a stranger!!! Yikes! ; }

  5. haha, thanks everyone.

    Rachel, that's a good question. :) Yes, it is possible that we could get twins, but I'm not sure what the odds are. I'll have to look that up and do another post on it. :)

  6. Praise God! I can't wait to see you as a mom, however it happens. Come on baby Miller! <3