Thursday, February 2, 2012

Post IVF feelings (part 2)

So I realized that in my haste to let everyone know I'm doing fine, I actually ended up sharing only the downer parts. haha. Sorry guys. There was an up side to my thought process, I promise! lol.

I was just thinking about how easy it is to wonder why God allows us to go through difficult things in life. We're so quick to question His motives, accuse Him of being unfair, pull away from Him for not giving us what we feel we deserve. But the truth is, my God is so much greater than the circumstances I'm in. His perspective is so much bigger and grander than what I can see. I don't have to understand all the details, and He doesn't owe me an explanation of how it is all going to end. I just need to take His hand and let Him lead me one step at a time. I wholeheartedly believe that battling infertility is the best thing for Ryan and I right now, and it is somehow giving God the most glory that it possibly could. When I think about it that's all so worth it. How gracious and loving of my Father to include my good in His purpose! I mean, really, He didn't have to. And even if it was only for His glory alone, my heartache is such a small price to pay for the privilege of making my Savior look beautiful.

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him
How I've proved Him o're and o're.
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus
Oh for grace to trust Him more


  1. My dear Denay,
    Our hearts are heavy with you and Ryan as you struggle through this trial. As parents, it's so hard to watch those you love so much experience such deep pain. All the prayers we have prayed and the tears we have cried to God for you have not given us the answer that we want. But in spite of your pain, you have been such a godly example and encouragement to all of us who love you. God has given you grace and strength to go through this, as He promised He would. Dad and I continue to pray for you both, that God would give you wisdom in the days ahead and continue to carry you through this for His glory. I'm so very grateful for how you love my son and for God bringing you two together. You are such a blessing to me!
    I love you,

  2. You're such a blessing to my heart Denay :) love you! <3