Friday, February 22, 2013

35 Weeks

We've hit the 35 week mark! And still looking fabulous, if I do say so myself - haven't gained a pound!
Bahaha! Just kidding. ;) I am loving the fact that we have a newborn coming in about a month and I'm not physically drained and miserable. *teehee* Oh the perks of adoption! ;) 

I talked to Q earlier this week and she seems to be doing a bit better. Her defense mechanism this whole time has just been to distance herself from the pregnancy, mentally and emotionally. At some point, it was bound to hit her. She had worked through her birth plan with her social worker, her family was giving her grief, a close relative passed away last week, and her body is completely worn out. That was a recipe for a break down. And although I feel bad that she has been so overwhelmed, I'm really glad that she has started processing some of those emotions before the baby comes. : / Please continue to keep her in your prayers. 

Meanwhile, little things have been changing at the Miller home. I have sorted and put away almost all of the gifts that had taken over Elliana's room. :) And thanks to all the gift cards we were given at our shower, I was able to purchase the remaining items that I needed. The guest bathroom drawers now contain girly washcloths and hair bows. 
There is a stock of bottles in our kitchen cabinet. :)
And there is a cleared space in our bedroom for the pack n play. :)

We're ready when you are, Ellie girl! ::grin::


  1. Your picture is too funny! And don't forget, we don't have to physically recover after the birth of our child! Definitely some perks to adopting!

  2. You do look fabulous, darling, just fabulous! Love this post! Continuing to pray for Q and all the little details coming up! xo