Thursday, March 7, 2013

How We're Doing...

Below is a video update on how we're doing. I thought about writing it out and then I figured it would be too long and no one would read it. lol. I had a ton of thoughts, so I hope it's understandable and not too scattered. :)


  1. Thank you so much for opening your heart and sharing, Denay. You are bold, strong and beautiful. I love you friend. Josh and I are praying deeply for you and Ryan.

  2. Ryan, and Denay,
    Just Wanting To Say Thank You So Much For Sharing Your Heart, And Being So Open About All Of The Good, The Bad, The Frustrations...I Know That You WILL Be WONDERFUL Parents One Day. Praying For Jesus To Completely Heal Your Hearts And For The 2 Of You To Come Together And Be STRONGER As A Result Of ALL That You Have Gone Through. I Can Not Even Begin To Imagine What You Feel...But Like Denay Said, I KNOW THAT GOD IS TRULY SOVEREIGN, And That He Has His Hand Over You, And That HE Has EVERYTHING Under Control. We Will Be Praying For The 2 Of You As You Wait Anxiously For God To Bring You The PERFECT CHILD FOR YOU! :)

  3. You are amazing! God will undoubtedly bless you tremendously, in His perfect timing.