Thursday, March 14, 2013

What a Tease

Last week I got a call from the birthmother social worker at our agency. She had just gotten off the phone with a new birthmom who is due at the end of this month - baby girl, half white, half hispanic, supportive family holding her hand through this process. Of course, I calmly told her that, yes, we would like our profile to be shown to this woman. Then Ryan and I spazzed. :)
It just seemed too perfect. Could this be the one that God has for us?? Is this why the previous match fell through? So that we would be available for this new baby?? I was in a constant state of prayer all weekend. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it, and asking the Lord to make us this baby's parents. The birthmom originally looked at nine profiles, and then narrowed those down to four. We made the first cut! My heart soared with hope - this is our big break! But Tuesday afternoon I received word that she picked a different family. ::head desk::
What a tease. It hit me pretty hard. It was far less certain that our actual match, but Ryan is white, I'm hispanic, and we have EVERYTHING we need for a baby girl ready to go. It just seemed like such an obvious fit. But my wonderful husband reminded me in between our tears that God's plan is bigger and more perfect than what we are able to perceive. I'm hanging on to that truth. <3


  1. Ughhh :( I'm so sorry, I can't imagine the disappointment. Much love to you guys.

  2. So sorry to hear that! Hang in there, keep trusting!

  3. Lots of prayers have been going your way from the Slick household <3