Thursday, March 28, 2013

Revamping the Nest

While we wait for another match, we are keeping busy! Our kitchen looked like this last week. :)
The new countertops are in now, and the backsplash is getting set up right this very moment, thanks to our buddies at Quandary Construction. :) New chandeliers were hung over the weekend (thanks Daddy!), and can I just say that picking light bulbs is a much more daunting task then it should be! There are way too many options! FYI, the "Natural Daylight" bulb color is anything but natural. We felt like we were on the moon. Who would want florescent blue lighting in their home? It's beyond me. lol. Anyway, next week we have workers coming to rip apart our tile, paint the main part of the house, and install our new laminate wood flooring. There's gonna be a whole new look in the Miller home, and we are soooooo excited about it! It's nice to have big projects going on to keep us occupied during this waiting period. Especially since we wouldn't have been able to do all of this if we had a newborn in the house, so we're making the most of our current child-free status. :) I'll post some before and after pictures once it's all done. :)


  1. We're doing the same thing right now!! Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. In a few weeks you'll look back at this picture and think: "wow, it looked like THIS only a few weeks ago!"